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Personalized Experience

VGM Forbin has built up the features that you loved about PowerWeb™ 4.0 by introducing new features to PowerWeb™ 4.5. These new features allow you to customize how you present your business with bold, new marketing messages and streamlined menu structures.

Modern Design Practices

When you partner with VGM Forbin for PowerWeb™ 4.5, the expertise of our entire design team is put to work for you. The designs we created are customized to represent your business across all modern browsers and multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

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Enhanced Security

Keep your business’s and your customers’ information safe from cyber criminals using VGM Forbin’s VGuard™. Our Intrusion Prevention System is monitors your site, blocks cyberattacks and hacking attempts, provides annual security audits and has been validated by a third party.

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Even More Accessible

PowerWeb™ 4.5 ensures your new website is accessible to all potential users, including those who have physical or developmental disabilities and individuals with changing abilities caused by aging.

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Search Engine Optimization

VGM Forbin offers SEO packages that improve your website’s performance in organic search rankings by adding keywords and phrases.

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